Intimate Stranger
Intimate Stranger
2022年春 渋谷 ユーロスペースにて公開決定! 2022年春 渋谷 ユーロスペースにて公開決定!


“Intimate Stranger” is a psychological thriller set in the post-COVID world in Tokyo. The film follows a woman looking for her missing teenage son, and a shady young man who approaches her, claiming to know her son’s whereabouts. They entrap each other in their own deceptions. The film had its world premiere at 2021 Tokyo International Film Festival, Nippon Cinema Now section.



MEGUMI (46) is a single mother who works at a baby clothing store. Her beloved son, SHINPEI (17) went missing a year ago, and she has been looking for him desperately ever since. One day, a shady young man, YUJI (21) approaches her, saying that he knows her son’s whereabouts. Trying to find a lead, Megumi invites Yuji to stay with her. While trying to deceive Megumi, Yuji discovers a dark secret that is beyond his imagination.

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Director's Statement

In “Intimate Stranger”, I want to portray Japanese mothers’ nurturing and smothering love towards their sons. In Japan and other parts of Asia, mothers dote on children, especially boys. In this film, I want to depict how a mother’s extreme love entraps her son, with the elements of suspense and a psychological thriller. In Japan, as well as in the West, women are often portrayed either as virgin or whore. Especially the role of mother is often restricted to that of a nurturer. I want to portray the more sexual and femme fatale sides of mothers.

In Japan, there are many films about young girls, but not so many films about adult women. The portrayal of women is also limited and often reduced to being sexual objects. I want to make films that portray adult women realistically and films that they can enjoy.


  • Asuka Kurosawa(Megumi) photo
  • Asuka Kurosawa (Megumi)

    A veteran actress, known for her astounding performance as the lead in “A Snake of June” (dir. Shinya Tsukamoto) and “Cold Fish” (dir. Sion Sono). She also appears regularly in films by Takahisa Zeze, and appeared in “Silence” by Martin Scorsese.

  • Fuju Kamio (Yuji)

    A young, rising star known for his mysterious beauty and performance. He appeared in “Suicide Forest Village” (dir. Takashi Shimizu). Fuju’s recent works include “What She Likes…” (dir. Shogo Kusano) and “20 Years-Old Soul” (dir. Jun Akiyama).

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Camera - Tomohiko Tsuji
Sound - Takuya Kawakami
Editor - Yuji Oshige
Music - Takashi Niigaki
Producer – Tetsujiro Yamagami

Screenings and Awards


34th Tokyo International Film Festival, Nippon Cinema Now, official selection.

Director's Biography

Director Mayu Nakamura photo

Mayu Nakamura - Writer/Director

Mayu earned an MFA from the Graduate Film Program at New York University. In 2006, her first fiction feature film, “The Summer of Stickleback,” premiered in the competition section at the Busan International Film Festival. In 2012, Mayu directed the documentary feature film, “Lonely Swallows–Living as the Children of Migrant Workers,” which follows Japanese-Brazilian kids struggling to survive in Japan and Brazil. The film won the Grand Prix in Documentary Features at the Brazilian Film Festival. In 2015, Mayu directed another documentary feature film, “Alone in Fukushima.” The film follows a man who stays with animals left behind in the Fukushima nuclear zone. The film was screened in the documentary section at the Montreal World Film Festival. Her recent credits include a script for “Tokyo Trial,” a Dutch/Canadian/Japanese co-production series drama that was nominated at the 45th Emmy Awards for Best TV Movie/Mini-Series.


“Calling” (2003, fiction short, 20 mins ) Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival
“The Summer of Stickleback” (2006, fiction feature, 98 mins) Busan International Film Festival, New Currents Section
“Lonely Swallows–Living as the Children of Migrant Workers” (2012, documentary feature, 88 mins)
“Alone in Fukushima” (2015, documentary feature, 98 mins) Montreal World Film Festival, Documentary Competition
“The Devil in the Afternoon” (2017, fiction short, 15 mins) Short Shorts Film Festival
“The Marionnettiste” (2018, fiction short, 15 mins)
“Watch Out for the Patriot! – Kunio Suzuki” (2019, documentary feature, 78 mins)
“Among Four of Us” (2021, fiction short, 19 mins)
 Osaka Asian Film Festival, Japan Cuts Award Special Mention, 2021 Short Shorts Film Festival, 2021 Japan Cuts
“Intimate Stranger” (2021 fiction feature, 95 mins)
 Participated in 2006 Berlinale Talents Campus, Busan Promotional Plan and 2016
 Berlinale Talents Tokyo. Premiered at 34th Tokyo International Film Festival, Nippon Cinema Now.